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The Nordic Crop Wild Relative (CWR) checklist is a result of a joint Nordic project, "Ecosystem services: Genetic resources and crop wild relatives" (2015-2016) funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Genetic Resources Center (NordGen). A Crop Wild Relative (CWR) is a wild species that is closely related to a cultivated crop. This close relationship means that properties in a CWR can be transferred to the crop by traditional crossings. As modern cultivars may lack the desired variation, the diversity found in CWRs can be central for adaptation to new demands on the crops.

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Heli Fitzgerald
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Åsmund Adal
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Hjörtur Þorbjörnsson
  • Author
Reykjavík Botanic Garden
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Morten Ramussen
  • Author
Senior Advisor
Norwegian Genetic Resource Centre, NIBIO
1430 Ås
Birgitte Lund
  • Author
Senior Officer
The Danish Agri Fish Agency
1780 Copenhagen
Elina Kiviharju
  • Author
Senior Officer
National program for genetic resources, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Geographic Coverage

Nordic countries

Bounding Coordinates South West [54.059, -55.898], North East [80.532, 31.992]

Taxonomic Coverage

Crop wild relatives

Kingdom Plantae

Project Data

The project objectives: * Establishing a Nordic network for genetic resources as an ecosystem service aiming at policy inputs. * Promoting knowledge exchange to obtain Nordic synergy on in situ and ex situ conservation with focus on in situ conservation of CWR diversity in genetic reserves and on developing the scientific basis for this. * Promoting knowledge exchange to obtain Nordic synergy on interactions between in situ and ex situ conservation of plants. This includes collecting, conserving and using seeds from wild flora according to the Nature Diversity Act and appropriate national legislation. * Strengthening the Nordic position in EU on CWR conservation and use, including an emphasis on ecosystem services. Project period: 2015-01-01 to 2016-12-31 Project home page:

Title Ecosystem services: Genetic resources and crop wild relatives
Funding Nordic Council of Ministers
Study Area Description Nordic countries

The personnel involved in the project:

Anna Palmé
  • Principal Investigator

Bibliographic Citations

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