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Bird observations along transects in Kopperå, Trøndelag, Norway

Latest version published by NaturRestaurering AS on 12 February 2022 NaturRestaurering AS
Bird data recorded as part of the knowledge base for an impact assessment of Kopperå wind farm in Norway. The field personell walked transects and noted every species and the total number of species.
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12 February 2022
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Samplingevent; occurence data; birds; transects; wind farm; impact assessment; Trøndelag; Norway; species; animals


Who created the resource:

Jørn Olav Løkken

Who can answer questions about the resource:

Jørn Olav Løkken

Who filled in the metadata:

Jørn Olav Løkken

Who else was associated with the resource:

Rukaya Johaadien
Content Provider
Ole Tobias Rannestad
NaturRestaurering AS

Geographic Coverage

Around Kopperå wind farm in Meråker, Trøndelag.

Bounding Coordinates South West [63.363, 11.934], North East [63.466, 12.174]

Taxonomic Coverage

All birds were identified to species.

Kingdom  Animalia (Animals)
Class  Aves (Birds)

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2012-06-13 / 2012-06-15

Project Data

Impact assessment of Kopperå wind farm on biodiversity. Investigations and report by NaturRestaurering AS for E.ON Vind Sverige in 2012.

Title Impact Assessment of Kopperå wind farm, Meråker, Trøndelag
Identifier Impact Assessment Kopperå wind farm|CESP2019-004
Study Area Description The study area is located in Trøndelag, central Norway, and consists mainly of mountain areas. Including the uppermost parts of the forest, heaths, mires and lakes.

The personnel involved in the project:

Content Provider
Ole Tobias Rannestad

Sampling Methods

Two investigators walked through the terrain and stopped at watching points (see footprintWKT), and recorded species name and number of all birds observed both on the walk between points and from watching points. The transects were not strict defined, but rather "fuzzy transects" where the two investigators followed to terrain with the aim of covering most of the designated area. Investigators walk during daytime for 8-10 hours all of the three days in field.

Study Extent Data was recorded from 2012-06-13 to 2012-06-15 in Meråker, Trøndelag, Norway.

Method step description:

  1. Walking fuzzy transects through the study area on foot. Record species name and number of observations of all birds along the way.

Additional Metadata

The data was added in 2021, and some details was lost between the time of recording and the time of uploading. Details lost are: - Exact number of birds observed - Which one of the two investigators spotted the bird(s) - Further details on metods

Alternative Identifiers 69227b38-becd-49f3-bfd7-49fabd4e6ea7