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03 October 2022
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The bird egg collection at the Natural History Museum, Agder University, holds 1190 journal numbers of single eggs or clutches, but also a substantial number of eggs not yet digitally registered. The majority of bird eggs is a 20+ years series of Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) eggs from SE Norway (687 entries with more than 1100 eggs). Each entry specifies conditions for collecting (single egg from clutch, whole clutch, failed, abandoned or unhatched eggs), date and locality, total clutch size and number of chicks, collector and determinator. Weight, length and with measurements are also given for a majority of the eggs.

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Bird eggs; unhatched eggs; weight; measurements.; Specimen


Roar Solheim
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Senior curator
University of Agder
Vidar Bakken

Geographic Coverage

Bird eggs primarily from Norway, but some samples from Sweden, Greenland and UK.

Bounding Coordinates South West [54.368, -57.305], North East [81.672, 34.102]

Sampling Methods

Eggs collected until 1995 usually as whole clutches. Eggs collected after 1995 only as unhatched or abandoned eggs. Main focus on seabirds (Svalbard) and kestrel (Falco tinnunculus).

Study Extent Unhatched eggs collected during nestbox studies of owls and falcons. Seabird eggs collected during monitoring projects on Svalbard (2000, 2003, 2006).

Method step description:

  1. Eggs are weighed, measured (length, width) and content removed through one blowhole. Content usually described for each egg (since 2000).

Additional Metadata

Alternative Identifiers ac3608fe-71ff-43b4-84da-8b284d5b7b47