Population research on small rodents (Rodentia) and shrews (Soricidae) in Steinkjer Municipality – Norway; 1996 - 2017 based on systematic catches with ordinary mouse traps in traplines

Sampling event
Последняя версия опубликовано Nord University янв. 10, 2022 Nord University
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10 января 2022 г.
Nord University
CC-BY-NC 4.0

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Rodents from Steinkjer, population time series. For non-commercial use, CC-BY-NC-4.0. Please contact data owner Ole Jakob Sørensen for any other use.

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Sørensen O J (2022): Population research on small rodents (Rodentia) and shrews (Soricidae) in Steinkjer Municipality – Norway; 1996 - 2017 based on systematic catches with ordinary mouse traps in traplines. v1.7. Nord University. Dataset/Samplingevent. https://ipt.gbif.no/resource?r=steinkjer_rodents&v=1.7


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Ключевые слова

Rodents; Rodentia; Main species: Microtus agrestis; Myodes glareolus; Myodes rufocanus; Lemmus lemmus; Shrews; Soricidae; Sorex araneus; Sorex minutus; Neomys fodiens.; Samplingevent


Ole Jakob Sørensen
  • Metadata Provider
  • Originator
  • Point Of Contact
Nord University, Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Ecology Research Group
Box 2501
7725 Steinkjer
Vidar Bakken
Pål Fossland Moa
Associate lecturer
Nord univeristy
Box 2501
7725 Steinkjer
Bjørn-Roar Hagen
University lecturer
Nord university
Box 2501
7725 Steinkjer

Географический охват

The dataset is collected in Steinkjer Municipality - Trondelag County in Norway

Ограничивающие координаты Юг Запад [63,917, 11,387], Север Восток [64,171, 11,956]

Таксономический охват

Cover the catches of all small Rodents and Shrews - (Rodentia and Soricidae).

Order Rodentia (Rodents), Soricidae (Shrews)

Временной охват

Дата начала / Дата окончания 1996-01-01 / 2017-12-31

Данные проекта

Ordinary Norwegian RAPP mousetraps are put out in a line - 5 meters apart at spots selected to be a good place to catch mouse. Traps are baited with pieces of raw potatoe. The normal number of traps have been 100 in each transcept, but deviation from this occur. Traps are our for 2 nights - approximate 40 hours. Catches are picked up every morning.

Название Population research on small rodents (Rodentia) and screws (Soricidae) in Steinkjer Municipality – Norway; 1996 – 2017 based on systematic catches with ordinary mouse traps in traplines
Идентификатор Ole Jakob Sørensen
Финансирование The main funding is by Nord university as this is part of a education/Class program. Processing the data is partly funded by The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment.
Описание района исследования Transect 3 is a new cut area of lowland boreal - spruce dominated forest. Due to succession porocesses traps have been put out on different clearcuts in the vicinity to keep trapping at a grass/herb dominated secondary, young succsession stage. Trancect 4 was in an old, mature spruce forest near to transect 3 and with same vegetation type.
Описание плана выполнения исследований Given in "Description"

Исполнители проекта:

Bjørn-Roar Hagen
  • Processor
Pål F. Moa
  • Processor

Методы сбора

Given before.

Охват исследования The collection of data is done once a year in september. Purpose is partly to teach students the methods and ability to identify mouse species, but also as a part of a long term population cycle study for the region.
Контроль качества The species and sex is controlled by students and verified by the teachers in cooperation.

Описание этапа методики:

  1. Rodents and screws are protected species in Norway and trapping in nature is only permitted for scientific and/or pedagogical purposes. Permits are given for this research by The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment. The Method is in itself simple and decribed earlier.

Данные коллекции

Название коллекции Rodents and Shrews in Steinkjer Municipality - Norway
Методы сохранения образцов No treatment

Библиографические ссылки

  1. Sørensen, O.J., Moa, P.F. & Hagen, B-R. 2020. Populasjonene av smågnagere (Rodentia) og spissmus (Soricidae) i Lierne og Steinkjer kommuner i Trøndelag 1988 – 2019, og en rekonstruksjon av smågnagerdynamikken i tidligere Nord-Trøndelag fylke 1871 – 2020. Nord universitet. FoU-Rapport Nr. 65. ISBN 978-82-7456-832-7.

Дополнительные метаданные

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